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Games that inspired the creation of novels

Technology nowadays is captivating – it lets you bet online with the Wink Bingo promo or even bet on your favorite video game. A lot of people agree that a good video game, especially a single-player game, must have a good storyline. The storyline must keep the player interested in playing the game and should […]

Some lesser-known fantasy series that are a must-read

One of the reasons why so many people enjoy reading is the fact that there are so many different genres of literature that everyone can find something interesting. Some people prefer poetry to prose, for example. Those who opt for prose may like fiction better than non-fiction. Some people may be so particular when it […]

Create, organize, edit – best writing tools for you

It is much different to be a writer nowadays than, for example, 100 years ago. In the past, the only things that most writers needed were a pencil, a piece of paper, and creativity. However, it was much harder to organize books and keep them well-written long ago. Nowadays, this is much easier because you […]

The Best Short Story Writers

Today, people live a very fast life, and love getting from one place to another, well, all the time. It often seems that some people are in such a rush that they never stop to look at the flowers. This also means that the very same people have no time to read books, or rather, […]

Books Which Inspired Video Games

Drawing inspiration from other sources is a necessary form of evolving art. Musicians have done this for ages and some have been sued, others have not. Some openly tell where they got a certain idea from, others, well, they like to keep it under the radar. Video games, they also draw inspiration from popular culture. […]

Character Archetypes Every Writer Should Know About

Writing is a process of working hard for a long time and achieving that one goal, or a couple of goals, we set previously. Writing takes skill, effort and it helps when you are knowledgeable about the history of writing, or rather, literature. Studying literature helps you understand the process of development, builds many, many […]

The Best Apps for Book Lovers – Book Lovers Need Apps, Too

Technology is changing our world, for the better, let’s hope. Well, so far, we’ve got email, the internet, really fast internet, VR, AIs and smartphones. Oh yes, everyone loves smartphones and tablets, primarily because of their multifunctionality as, in addition to regular phone activities, they can be used for numerous other things, such as obtaining […]

These writers’ lives were more interesting than their fiction

Have you ever wondered how writers find inspiration for their literary pieces and what makes them create such fascinating stories and characters? When it comes to non-fiction, it is not that difficult to guess what inspired the author to write about that particular topic, but when we think about fiction, it is much more difficult […]

Audiobooks – Are They Awesome or Not – 6 Reasons Why They are Both

There have always been people who prefer reading a book, holding and turning the pages, smelling the paper. On the other hand, people have embraced technology and have turned to audiobooks because they are convenient. Some people actually learn and remember more when they listen to something, rather than read it. For that reason, people […]

The First Novel Written By an AI – A Stepping Stone or a Fluke?

Technology has brought us to where we are today. We started early, with fire, the wheel, moving on to steam and in between, some great but unsuccessful inventions. When electricity was discovered, things started changing very quickly. Radio waves helped shape our music, while the television changed our culture. Transistors changed everything. They led to […]