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5 Books Every Sports Fan Should Read

Sports fans around the world like to do everything they can to feel more connected to their favorite sports. However, some sports fans like to find interesting activities that will keep them busy until the next big game. Some will scroll through the Internet to find interesting facts about their favorite players. And there are those sports fans that will read books in the meantime. 

There are many books out there that are very popular among sports fans, and in this article, we’ll take a look at some of them. 

The Blind Side

This is a fantastic book by Michael Lewis that is a must for every sports fan. The book revolves around Micahel Oher who went from being homeless to becoming an NFL star. The story is also focused on the family that helped him. This book was used as an inspiration for the movie of the same name, and it mostly dwells on the importance of left tackle when it comes to protecting the quarterback. 

Little Girls in Pretty Boxes

If you want to know what happens behind the curtains in the world of gymnastics and ice skating, then this is the book for you. Little Girls in Pretty Boxes is a great book about amazing little girls who go through many emotional and physical challenges to achieve greatness on the balance beam or on ice. The author of this book, Joan Ryan, wanted to present how hard it is for these girls to do what they do every day. And it was beautifully achieved through many interviews with former gymnasts, ice skaters, and sports psychologists. 

The Boys of Summer

Sports fans who would like to have a glimpse into the past and see what it meant being a baseball fan more than 60 years ago, this book is a perfect choice. Roger Khan describes in great detail his fascination with baseball from the early days of his life until he managed to become a reporter who covered the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955. Moreover, you will see his description of some of the greatest baseball players of those days like Jackie Robinson. 

Paper Lion

However, if you are for a bit of light reading, then Paper Lion might be a good book to kill time. Maybe this book won’t give you an insight into some big secrets of how to become a great athlete or what you need to do to make it to the big leagues, but it will certainly entertain you. If you ever wondered what would happen if a regular man of 36 years of age and no athletic ability whatsoever ended up in an NFL camp, then Paper Lion will paint a pretty good picture. 

Dream Team 

There has hardly been a sports sensation that brought the US citizens closer together as the Dream Team. When the Dream Team went to Barcelona for the 1992 Olympic Games, the entire world watched in awe as the greatest basketball players that the US had ever had performed on the international stage. And with Jack McCallum’s book, you can relive those days all over again.