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Shadow and Bone – A Book Series Done Right

Not everybody can get their debuts right. From operating systems to books, not to mention cars, not every first is a good one. Sometimes, a second, third or even a hundredth attempt is necessary for us to get things right. With time, people develop great things, from tools to applications that people use, such as this 1xbet app which allows sports betting online for betting fans.

Well, not everybody is like that. Leigh Bardugo published a debut novel in 2012. This novel has been met with lots of success, becoming one of the most sought novels by young adults and even adults. It has reached the status of being adapted into a Netflix adaptation in 2021. The novel is called Shadow and Bone and here is what you need to know about it, and its series.

Shadow and Bone – What and Where

Shadow and Bone is meant for adults and is a fantasy novel narrated by one of the characters, Alina Starkov.

She lives in a country inspired by Russia, called Ravka, which is a kingdom at the time. The novel is described as being a Tsarpunk novel, which refers to 19th century Russia. When asked, Bardugo answered that while she loves broadswords and flagons of ale, she also wanted the readers to experience something different, referring to the fact that most fantasy novels include large swords and alcoholic beverages. 19th century Russia serves as a perfect setting for that.

The novel is centered around two characters who grew up together in an orphanage, in a land that is anything but hospitable. 

Adaptations and Netflix

Even in 2012, there were ideas put forth by Dreamworks, to adapt Shadow and Bone into a movie. It was announced that the producer of the Harry Potter franchise would also be the producer of the Shadow and Bone movie, David Hayman.

However, this did not come to fruition. In 2019, Netflix ordered eight episodes based on the Grisha Trilogy, which is the name of the three books, starting with Shadow and Bone, then Siege and Storm, and finally, Ruin and Rising. The duology Six of Crows was also to be implemented and turned together with everything mentioned above, into an 8 episode TV show. The show was completed in 2021 and released on April 23. The show was produced by Eric Heisserer.

What the Future Holds?

Like with most TV shows, this one also attracted a lot of attention, particularly because it was amazing to watch, from both an artistic standpoint, the setting, to the actors who had done a marvelous job. As was reported by various sources and leaks, season 2 of the show is already being filmed. It is likely that there will be more seasons, given the size and scope of the trilogies and the duology, not to mention the reception of the TV show.

As far as Leigh Bardugo is concerned, there are likely to be more books in the Grisha universe. This should keep most readers satisfied, not to mention Netflix, should the upcoming season(s) be received as well as the first one has been. 

Shadow and Bone is an amazing book and also a series of books, written by Leigh Bardugo. The books deal with fantasy and adult topics and are in the subgenre of Tsarpunk, meaning 19th century Russia. It is an amazing novel that also has an amazing TV show, made by Netflix.