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Shadow and Bone – A Book Series Done Right

Not everybody can get their debuts right. From operating systems to books, not to mention cars, not every first is a good one. Sometimes, a second, third or even a hundredth attempt is necessary for us to get things right. With time, people develop great things, from tools to applications that people use, such as […]

5 Books Every Sports Fan Should Read

Sports fans around the world like to do everything they can to feel more connected to their favorite sports. However, some sports fans like to find interesting activities that will keep them busy until the next big game. Some will scroll through the Internet to find interesting facts about their favorite players. And there are […]

Virtual reality books – the next stage in the development of books

The more technology progresses, the more aspects of life start to change. Just a century ago we couldn’t dream of having a TV let alone the internet with all its offers ranging from fun sites to fun offers like the Sun Bingo Bonus Code. Everything became available to everyone and books and reading in general […]

Four worst books ever written

Most people have read at least one book in their lives. Probably, many of them have read more books, some of which they liked more than the others.  Books can have various sorts of influence on people. In general, books entertain people and teach them something, but they can also inspire or change people to […]

How to find free audiobooks online

We have to admit that there are people who love reading books, but there are also those who don’t enjoy reading so much. Some people have read only those books that all of us have to read at school. Others have read tons of books and have as many on their list to read next.   […]

Some lesser-known fantasy series that are a must-read

One of the reasons why so many people enjoy reading is the fact that there are so many different genres of literature that everyone can find something interesting. Some people prefer poetry to prose, for example. Those who opt for prose may like fiction better than non-fiction. Some people may be so particular when it […]

The Best Short Story Writers

Today, people live a very fast life, and love getting from one place to another, well, all the time. It often seems that some people are in such a rush that they never stop to look at the flowers. This also means that the very same people have no time to read books, or rather, […]

The Best Apps for Book Lovers – Book Lovers Need Apps, Too

Technology is changing our world, for the better, let’s hope. Well, so far, we’ve got email, the internet, really fast internet, VR, AIs and smartphones. Oh yes, everyone loves smartphones and tablets, primarily because of their multifunctionality as, in addition to regular phone activities, they can be used for numerous other things, such as obtaining […]

Audiobooks – Are They Awesome or Not – 6 Reasons Why They are Both

There have always been people who prefer reading a book, holding and turning the pages, smelling the paper. On the other hand, people have embraced technology and have turned to audiobooks because they are convenient. Some people actually learn and remember more when they listen to something, rather than read it. For that reason, people […]

4 Classic Books That Changed the World

Books are often very important to our lives and culture as they reflect our very lives and the culture we live in or in the case of some, are going to live in. Books have had a paramount influence on history and the development of societies, just look at the Bible or the Quran. Some […]