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How to find the best creative writing courses online

Being a writer nowadays is a really wide concept. You can be a professional writer of novels or poetry or you can just write texts online on your blog, social networks, or stuff like 22Bet bonus. Anybody can become a writer and if you want to become one or improve your writing skills, you don’t have to attend classes or hire a private tutor because you can find courses online that can help you do that. 

These days everything can be done online and the internet is expected to continue expanding and progressing in the future. On the internet, you can learn different skills, including creative writing, do your job, talk to friends and family, entertain yourself, play games, gamble, and many more. As you can probably guess already, there are tons of creative writing courses online so it is difficult to choose the one for you. These are my recommendations.

Arizona State University’s English composition class

This class is specially designed for writers who want to improve their basic skills, especially grammar and basic writing skills. This course requires your full attention over eight weeks. Even though it can be really demanding, this course will help you build your career as a writer. Furthermore, this course provides feedback to its users and includes daily assignments with different subjects so that you can get more writing practice. Another important thing is that this course is free and it is great for beginners. 

Open University’s Start Writing Fiction course

If you want to be a novelist, the Open University’s Start Writing Fiction course can help you on your way to your goal. This course lasts eight weeks, and although it is demanding and tiring sometimes, there is no doubt that this course will help you improve your writing skills and maybe join the circle of world-class novelists. The course is led by Dr. Derek Neale who is an award-winning novelist. He is also famous for teaching young novelists how to start and how to do well. He constantly works on developing new courses and improving the existing ones, so you can be sure that his courses are perfect for fiction writers


People say that Masterclass is the best writing course on the internet and that, even though it is not free, it has helped a lot of the attendees achieve the best results possible. This course provides writing classes that focus on both fiction and nonfiction. Every lesson is between five and ten minutes long and it’s presented in the form of a video, meaning that you can watch it on your mobile or computer. In addition, it allows you to download all the material in a specific lesson in the form of a PDF file and it has an option for you to connect with other people taking these classes and, of course, with the professors who are in charge of specific classes. As I have mentioned, this course is not free. It costs $100, and honestly, it is worth its price. At this price you get fantastic classes and the best materials created by famous writers which you cannot find in any other place. All in all, this course is the most complete one, so if you can afford to pay $100, this is the right choice for you.