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Shadow and Bone – A Book Series Done Right

Not everybody can get their debuts right. From operating systems to books, not to mention cars, not every first is a good one. Sometimes, a second, third or even a hundredth attempt is necessary for us to get things right. With time, people develop great things, from tools to applications that people use, such as […]

How to Overcome Your Creative Dead End

Everybody gets into a slump from time to time. Not everybody does, however, depend on them not being in a slump. A little mood change does not have the same effect on all people. Artists, however, can suffer a lot from mood changes, not to mention if they are in the process of creating new […]

5 Books Every Sports Fan Should Read

Sports fans around the world like to do everything they can to feel more connected to their favorite sports. However, some sports fans like to find interesting activities that will keep them busy until the next big game. Some will scroll through the Internet to find interesting facts about their favorite players. And there are […]

Everything About BookTube

YouTube has become an endless source of all different kinds of information that can be used in everyday life. Some of the most popular YouTubers with the most followers are usually the ones that are covering topics like gaming, beauty, and fitness. However, there is a group of channels that is dedicated entirely to books, […]

How to find the best creative writing courses online

Being a writer nowadays is a really wide concept. You can be a professional writer of novels or poetry or you can just write texts online on your blog, social networks, or stuff like 22Bet bonus. Anybody can become a writer and if you want to become one or improve your writing skills, you don’t […]

Find out which books had the longest sequel waits

If you are a book fan, then there is a chance that you have waited for a sequel of your favorite book. Even if you haven’t experienced this, you could at least imagine how frustrating this could be. There must have been at least one big thing in your life that you have wanted but […]

Virtual reality books – the next stage in the development of books

The more technology progresses, the more aspects of life start to change. Just a century ago we couldn’t dream of having a TV let alone the internet with all its offers ranging from fun sites to fun offers like the Sun Bingo Bonus Code. Everything became available to everyone and books and reading in general […]

Great magazines to publish your short stories

Short stories are quite popular nowadays. Many people appreciate the fact that short stories don’t take much time to read and usually have an interesting ending that makes the reader satisfied. When compared to novels, short stories are easier to publish. Apart from the usual ways of publishing literary pieces, you can publish short stories […]

Ten books resulting from a bet

Writing a book can be considered a gamble by itself as writers never know whether their books will sell well or they will fail. Some writers like to make things even more interesting by betting that they can write a book. Since you can bet on sports and casinos now (which you can read more about […]

Four worst books ever written

Most people have read at least one book in their lives. Probably, many of them have read more books, some of which they liked more than the others.  Books can have various sorts of influence on people. In general, books entertain people and teach them something, but they can also inspire or change people to […]