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Everything About BookTube

YouTube has become an endless source of all different kinds of information that can be used in everyday life. Some of the most popular YouTubers with the most followers are usually the ones that are covering topics like gaming, beauty, and fitness. However, there is a group of channels that is dedicated entirely to books, […]

Find out which books had the longest sequel waits

If you are a book fan, then there is a chance that you have waited for a sequel of your favorite book. Even if you haven’t experienced this, you could at least imagine how frustrating this could be. There must have been at least one big thing in your life that you have wanted but […]

Ten books resulting from a bet

Writing a book can be considered a gamble by itself as writers never know whether their books will sell well or they will fail. Some writers like to make things even more interesting by betting that they can write a book. Since you can bet on sports and casinos now (which you can read more about […]

And they lived happily ever after – or not

Children’s fairy tales are told all around the world. They are widely known and each country or region has its own fairy tales or a different version of the same one. It is not easy to trace the origin of fairy tales. Some assume that there must have been one story that served as a […]

Games that inspired the creation of novels

Technology nowadays is captivating – it lets you bet online with the Wink Bingo promo or even bet on your favorite video game. A lot of people agree that a good video game, especially a single-player game, must have a good storyline. The storyline must keep the player interested in playing the game and should […]

Books Which Inspired Video Games

Drawing inspiration from other sources is a necessary form of evolving art. Musicians have done this for ages and some have been sued, others have not. Some openly tell where they got a certain idea from, others, well, they like to keep it under the radar. Video games, they also draw inspiration from popular culture. […]

These writers’ lives were more interesting than their fiction

Have you ever wondered how writers find inspiration for their literary pieces and what makes them create such fascinating stories and characters? When it comes to non-fiction, it is not that difficult to guess what inspired the author to write about that particular topic, but when we think about fiction, it is much more difficult […]

The First Novel Written By an AI – A Stepping Stone or a Fluke?

Technology has brought us to where we are today. We started early, with fire, the wheel, moving on to steam and in between, some great but unsuccessful inventions. When electricity was discovered, things started changing very quickly. Radio waves helped shape our music, while the television changed our culture. Transistors changed everything. They led to […]

Book Series That Were Not Finished By the Original Author

Book series often take such a long time to write, in the case of some science fiction books and some fantasy books, that the authors fail to finish them during their lifetimes. Writing an entire series of books takes a long time, so believe it or not, some authors never get to live long enough […]