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Everything About BookTube

YouTube has become an endless source of all different kinds of information that can be used in everyday life. Some of the most popular YouTubers with the most followers are usually the ones that are covering topics like gaming, beauty, and fitness. However, there is a group of channels that is dedicated entirely to books, and unofficially, these channels were called BookTube. 

The best thing about BookTube is that it reminds people that reading is very important but that it can also be extremely fun. Book fans from around the world gather on these channels to find out what are the latest recommendations from their favorite vloggers, so they would know which book they should read next.

Let’s take a closer look at BookTube and the things you can expect to see and hear if you start exploring this part of YouTube.

So, What Is On BookTube?

As we’ve already mentioned, BookTube is a collection of YouTube channels that mostly dwell on book reviews. And even though the term “BookTube” exists for only a couple of years, people have been posting reviews of their favorite books on YouTube ever since the platform was launched. 

Not every BookTube channel is the same. It all depends on the style and the format that the BookTuber prefers.

So, some BookTubers can recommend thrillers and horrors, and others will talk about the YA category or different fantasy novels.

What people like about these channels the most, is that almost all of them will give an honest review of the book. Unlike paid videos that most of the other vloggers have, people on BookTube will tell you if the book is worth buying or not. And most of them will be right. 

Moreover, some BookTubers engage in “tag” videos, meaning that they tag other BookTubers and challenge them to do different things. Sometimes, they just want the tagged person to do a review of a book. And sometimes they might even ask their virtual colleague to make a playlist for a particular title. 

Additionally, there are BookTubers who are constantly doing book hauls. Meaning, that they buy different books and do short reviews based on what they heard, cover, printing, price, etc. 

Who Are BookTubers?

Anyone who loves reading and has a camera and a YouTube account can become a BookTuber. There isn’t a particular description of what makes a person ideal for the job, except the fact that they need to be fans of reading. 

It can seem that most of the BookTubers are teenagers or young adults. However, this is mostly due to the fact that the YA genre is very popular so there are more people reading it, therefore, more people who want to do a review. But no matter which genre of books you like, rest assured that there will be a vlogger covering that category on YouTube. 

So, if you are in need of a good book recommendation, for the upcoming winter days, then head over to BookTube, and you will find exactly what you are looking for.