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The Best Apps for Book Lovers – Book Lovers Need Apps, Too

Technology is changing our world, for the better, let’s hope. Well, so far, we’ve got email, the internet, really fast internet, VR, AIs and smartphones. Oh yes, everyone loves smartphones and tablets, primarily because of their multifunctionality as, in addition to regular phone activities, they can be used for numerous other things, such as obtaining a mansion bonus code. This is why smartphones sell by the millions every single year, and also one of the reasons why every major phone manufacturer has a new flagship phone every single year.

Book lovers also have phones, who would have thought. But, what book lovers often miss out on, are great applications which they can install on their devices, and bring books with them, should they not feel the need to actually carry heavy paper objects.

Here are the best applications for book lovers.

Amazon Kindle

This one is a simple one. It is available for Android and iOS devices, meaning that almost ev everyone can have it. It is a reading app, but so much more. You know that Amazon has their e ink readers, caller Kindle, as well? Well, the app allows you, for a subscription fee, to access their entire collection of books. That is a lot of books, a lot of stuff which you get for 10 dollars every month. For avid readers, this is a must own. Alexa, the Amazon AI assistant, can also read you the books if you don’t wish to bother looking at a smaller screen.


Audible is, as you would expect, an application which is dedicated completely to audiobooks. That might not be for everyone, but people who like listening to their books while doing something completely different are in luck.

You get a 30-day trial, which you should very well use. After that, it gets sort of pricey, well, it depends. Audiobooks have always been more expensive than their paper counterparts, or digital, for that matter. For 15 dollars per month, you get a free audiobook every month and a 30% discount on any subsequent purchase.


What about a book lover social network? That is exactly what Goodreads is. You do not have to visit various forums and groups on Facebook or other social media to find your recommendations. A simple click to open Goodreads is enough to find what other people think of that one book which you were hoping to get.

It also has a barcode scanner, so that you can easily find that one book and what people think about it, before making a purchase. It is very handy when you are in the store.

Book lovers rejoice! These are the best applications for you. They are all available on multiple devices, meaning Android and iOS ones. Every book lover should look to upgrade their game, due to technology moving forward and an overall lack of space from purchasing all those paperbacks.