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Audiobooks – Are They Awesome or Not – 6 Reasons Why They are Both

There have always been people who prefer reading a book, holding and turning the pages, smelling the paper. On the other hand, people have embraced technology and have turned to audiobooks because they are convenient. Some people actually learn and remember more when they listen to something, rather than read it. For that reason, people often listen to audiobooks, as well as for the sake of convenience. But, are audiobooks good? Here are three reasons as to why they are good, and three reasons why not.

The Good

They are Convenient

There is nothing like listening to an audiobook while you are on a train ride, or any kind of ride. Commuting, waiting in line, walking. You have lots of free time which could be used to improve or simply to enjoy a book which you have been waiting on for a long time. They can be anywhere you are and with a set of noise-cancelling headphones, they can be listened to almost anywhere.

They are Cheaper

This is a known fact, but audiobooks are not as expensive as they used to be. Some can be more expensive, if they were not predicted to sell well, but bestsellers are pretty cheap. There are plenty of subscription-type sites which offer free audiobooks if you subscribe.

They are Ecologically Friendly

No paper, more trees, it is as simple as that. Audiobooks can be stored on any device, or on the cloud. Trees would be safer without a need for that much paper.

The Bad

They are a Potential Hazard

People listening to music or an audiobook could get into trouble and not even realize it. Some people do not have a good way of dealing with multitasking. Imagine a driver listening to an audiobook and taking a turn, only to not see a group of pedestrians passing by. They might run into them and at that point, it doesn’t matter who is the guilty one.

They are Not Books

Well, many will agree with this, and for a simple reason, it is a fact. Audiobooks are not books and therefore lack all the joys and pains of reading a book, it’s as simple as that.

They are Not for Everyone

Not everyone can focus while listening to something, especially on a long trip. People often read when they are relaxed and focused. You can’t be focused all the time, especially when in public.

Are Audiobooks for You?

To answer this question, you should try listening to an audiobook. There certainly are enough on YouTube, of classics and even some modern pieces. You will see whether you enjoy listening to a book, and whether you can focus and remember the content of the book. That will be a primary factor in deciding whether they are the right choice for you.

If they are not, well, nothing gained, nothing wasted. You do however get the knowledge that audiobooks are not for you. Whatever comes out of that one audiobook, you will know whether you’re more of a paper or sound wave person.

Audiobooks can be both good and bad, and it completely depends on the person, situation and the needs of the reader/listener. Audiobooks will be here, but so will books, so you always get the choice of one, another, or both.