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Games that inspired the creation of novels

Technology nowadays is captivating – it lets you bet online with the Wink Bingo promo or even bet on your favorite video game. A lot of people agree that a good video game, especially a single-player game, must have a good storyline. The storyline must keep the player interested in playing the game and should make the player want to spend more and more time playing it. The mechanics of the game, the terrain, the art, and the design contribute to making a video game more interesting, but if a game has a captivating storyline, the success of the game is almost certain. 

Some recent games such as Undertale and Until Dawn have amazingly well-developed storylines that keep you immersed in the game, although the mechanics and the design could be better. Moreover, some games are so interesting that they have inspired writers to develop novels based on them. Here are some of the best-known novels based on games

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed books have been quite popular on the market for a long time thanks to the pretty unique and exciting story that a lot of people enjoy. There are eight Assassin’s Creed books in total written by Oliver Bowden, and there is a key game for each book of the series. You can find these books either printed in hardcover or as e-books and audiobooks.


Initially, BioShock games were inspired by a Russian-American author and philosopher named Ayn Rand. All the games in the BioShock series have had a lot of success among gamers and they have inspired writers to write books based on them. John Shirley wrote the book BioShock: Rapture in 2011 and he definitely did an amazing job judging by the readers’ comments. Ken Levine, a game developer and co-founder of Ghost Story Games, has also contributed to the creation of BioShock games by co-writing three books in the series. The novel BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt is said to be one of the best Levine’s BioShock novels.


Borderlands is a well-known game among gamers thanks to its huge success. The combination of Diablo elements and the elements of a first-person shooter game was more than enough to blow all the fans away. The second game, Borderlands 2, was released soon after the first game and it brought new exciting elements of the game to its fans. While everyone was waiting for the release of the third game, some people spent time reading the books based on this series. John Shirley made the waiting time shorter by writing a trilogy based on this amazing game. Each book allows you to see Pandora’s residents in a new light.

If you want to read some more books based on video games, you should take a look at Darksiders 3, Crysis IV, Dead Island, The Dragon Age, and Doom.