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Ebooks vs Paperback – Are Ebooks Going to Replace Paperback Books?

Our world is changing and the internet is at the forefront of that change. The internet is driving us to a digital world, where everything is slowly being replaced. Remember people going to the bookmaker instead of simply typing betbonus.co.ug in your browser? Wait, what? There were actual bookmaker buildings?! Yes, casinos still exist, to avoid further exaggeration, but even casinos acknowledged the possibilities of the internet and have launched their own mobile applications which offer the same services as the land-based casinos and bookmakers.

With this in mind, books are slowly being replaced with ebooks and audiobooks? Will they finally be replaced for good? It’s difficult to say, but here are a couple of reasons why it might and might not happen.

Paper is Outdated and Costs a Lot

Most people who think that books will go away often use paper as an example. Paper requires wood to be made. Wood comes from trees which are cut down. We need trees to create oxygen. All of these things are in conflict, meaning that paperback books will likely be gone according to some people.

Paperback books also weigh much more than ebooks, which can be as heavy as your phone or reader/tablet. Nobody wants a shelf with 1000 books on it, right, RIGHT? Wrong, according to many book lovers.

Paper is Real – Nothing can Replace the Feel and Smell of Paper

Paper is real and it fits in your hand. It can bring you tears of joy and sadness, once you get paper cuts. Paper also has a scent which is so unique that you will always be able to tell it apart from other scents. Books are also amazing to look at, visually, all the cover art and the details which go into it. Paper is also not only created from wood, as many are led to believe. 

Paper Can be Recycled – It’s Not The End of Forests

Paper is highly recyclable. Everyone knows what recycled paper looks like, as most new books are printed on recycled paper. Recycled paper can be recognized by its slightly more yellowish color, as opposed to fresh paper which is white. With paper being recycled for most new publications, almost no trees are being cut to produce more paper, meaning that the previous argument is basically void.

Ebooks Are Portable and Economical

Ebooks take way less space and can be carried anywhere where you go, so long as you have an internet connection. They also come in audio format, called audiobooks. They can be listened to if you can’t be bothered to read, for example, when commuting.

Ebooks also cost far less, due to the low cost of maintaining a digital platform, as opposed to producing books which take up space and require more resources. Ebooks can also be with you with a click of a button, if you have the internet, or you could simply download them, which many ebook stores allow.

Will Ebooks Take Over?

Ebooks will most likely not take over, and if they do, it will be a very long time from now. There are simply more ways of producing regular books, or rather, paperbacks, which cost less and are not as hurtful towards the environment as they used to be. Ebooks are portable, low cost and are meant for people who spend their times next to a screen, or require something on a long trip. Both have their own customers who will keep purchasing them, no matter the shape.

Ebooks and paperbacks will be here for a long time. There might be a day when ebooks replace paperbacks, but it is not this day, or any day soon, for that matter.