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How to find free audiobooks online

We have to admit that there are people who love reading books, but there are also those who don’t enjoy reading so much. Some people have read only those books that all of us have to read at school. Others have read tons of books and have as many on their list to read next.  

Most book enthusiasts wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day so that they could finish all their daily tasks and duties and still have time to enjoy reading. Of course, this is not possible, but, fortunately, there is a way to spend time enjoying a book while doing something else. You may be wondering how to do that and my answer is – audiobooks.

What are audio books?

Audiobooks are regular books which are not read by looking at the pages but by listening to the recording. They are made in a very simple way. Someone reads the book out loud and records their voice. It’s really amazing what we can do nowadays with simple technology – games are available anytime we want to play some, we can find gambling bonus codes such as Unibet Canada Bonus whenever we want, and now we can listen to books while we, for example, commute.

Are audiobooks more expensive than regular books?

The average price of audiobooks doesn’t differ much from the price of regular books. In addition, a lot of regular books come in the form of an audiobook as well. The simple reason for this is that almost every publisher wants to offer an audiobook to those people who prefer listening to reading, either because they don’t have enough time to sit and read or they enjoy hearing someone else read the book instead. 

However, creating an audiobook requires some time and effort, which is why most audiobooks are not free. Sometimes, professional actors are hired to read out loud a book, which may increase the price of the audiobook further. Fortunately for those who cannot afford to buy audiobooks, there are some websites where you can find free audiobooks.


Librivox is an initiative to record public books and release them as free audiobooks. The organization doesn’t make any profit from making audiobooks and their website offers more than ten thousand projects of different sorts. If you are interested, there is a possibility to volunteer and read the unfinished books for them.


They share free audiobooks in the public domain and they also offer a wide variety of options, so make sure to check them out. There is also an option for you to submit reviews and read about what others have said about a particular book.


Apart from audiobooks, they also offer short stories, plays, and poems that are designed specifically for classroom use. Their audiobooks include the book’s play time, word count, and citation information. Additionally, they provide PDF files of the books so that you can read along.


Podiobooks is one of the best options when it comes to newer releases. What’s more, a lot of their audiobooks are read by the authors themselves. Their audiobooks are kept in a serialized form, so if you prefer listening to audiobooks in smaller chunks, then Podiobooks is the right choice for you. They also give you a chance to donate money directly to the book’s author and this way support writers.

Some other websites that you can take into consideration are Open Culture, OverDrive, Project Gutenberg, and Spotify. Check them out and enjoy listening to your favorite audiobook.