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Easy steps to self-publishing a book on the internet

You have just finished writing a book and you feel so proud of it. Logically, the next step is to publish the book, but you aren’t sure how to do that. Basically, there are two ways of publishing your book: self-publishing and traditional publishing

Traditional publishing may be a little bit simpler, because the publishing agency does most of the work for you, but you don’t get to keep all the rights and the money from your book. Besides the trouble of finding a publisher, this is one of the main reasons why many people prefer to self-publish the book. The easiest way to self-publish a book is to do it on the internet. That’s right, the internet isn’t just for entertainment, chatting with people, and looking for your own ID Afiliasi Nova88. It can also be a very useful self-promotion tool. This way millions of people around the world can see, rate, read, and buy your book. If you choose to self-publish your book, here are some steps that you should follow. 

Give your book a good title 

The title of a book is very important because it is something that most people remember the book by. When choosing your book’s title, you should try to keep it simple and make it catchy and easy to remember. Many people who browse through new books look for interesting and simple titles, and you certainly want your book to have a title that attracts readers’ attention. 

Get some feedback and support from other writers before publishing the book

After finishing your book, it’s really important to see if people and other writers like it. This initial feedback or criticism can help you improve your piece of writing and find typing or grammatical errors. You can also find a professional proofreader who can check your book for mistakes. Of course, some people will like your book; others may not. Both positive and negative comments are helpful and you should not be discouraged if someone says that your book is badly-written or your idea is not original. 

Create an account on Amazon (Kindle Direct Self-publishing account)

Although there are numerous online publishing systems, Amazon is among the most popular and most convenient ones. Amazon offers an amazing service called Kindle Direct Publishing where you can publish your book and manage the sales of your book. This service provides an option to sell your book in the e-book format, but also to print your book. It is quite easy to make a Kindle Direct Self-publishing account, so you should definitely take a look at it. 

Setting the price

This part probably seems the easiest, but there are some things you should keep in mind. You should not set a high price on your book because, if you keep the price low, more people will be able to afford it. The people who read your book may recommend your book to other people and this way contribute to the popularity of your book. If your book turns out to be a success, you can increase the price and earn more money.  

Thanks to the internet and modern technology, it is quite simple to self-publish a book nowadays. Apart from Amazon, you can find numerous online publishing systems that offer different possibilities. If you are satisfied with your book and eager to publish it, don’t waste your time anymore. Do some research and go for it.